Corn Porridge To Wagyu Beef Here’s What Donald Trump’s Eating On His Asia Tour

Donald Trump may finally now know what sophisticated food tastes like. No offence, but given the President’s choice of foods, we can only imagine what a revelation his current Asia tour may be for the big mac and steak loving millionaire.

The POTUS is currently on a five-nation Asia tour, and has till now visited Seoul and Tokyo. Much like any other state dinner, the two national capitals served up their traditional food to the Eagle. While the Japanese compensated for their traditional Hokkaido scallops, lobster and Wagyu beef with a hamburger as well, South Korea kept it authentic.


When In South Korea

The main attraction of the South Korean meal was a 360-year-old, fermented soy sauce, which is a popular delicacy in the country. This was served as a side for the grilled Korean beef ribs. However, it was not all soy sauce and Korean delicacies, as the culinary team in Seoul made it a point to include foods that would please Trump’s palate.

“The menu contains food that has local, traditional flavour that could also appeal to the taste of the US head of state,” a South Korean official told local media. Notably, the menu also featured grilled sole, which is reportedly Trump’s favourite fish dish, with flavor tweaks that drew inspiration from Korean President Moon Jae-in’s home town, Geoje.

Here’s a quick look at all that was part of Trump’s lavish South Korean meal.

Corn porridge served with fresh herbs and vegetable side dishes

Grilled sole from the South Korean island of Geoje with a Donggukjang, i.e. brown bean sauce, consommé

Pine mushroom rice in a stone pot accompanied by grilled Hanwoo (Korean beef) rib seasoned with a special sauce made with a 360-year-old soy sauce

Triple chocolate cake with raspberry vanilla sauce and Sujeonggwa (cinnamon punch) granita with dried persimmons

Well, here’s to hoping that Donald Trump expands his horizon beyond apple pies and quarter pounders.


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