Corn And Eggs Might Help Prevent Blindness Says Study

American Chemical Society (ACS) has provided fresh data that bio fortified foods like corn and eggs can retain enough Vitamin A even after cooking, to prevent blindness. As reported by Science Daily, the scientists have found that numerous healthy foods can survive the processing methods and cooking to retain the essential vitamin.

Corn And Eggs To The Rescue

The publication further says in its report that fortified and bio fortified foods are known to prevent the deficiency of vitamin A worldwide and that this deficiency is prevalent in Africa and Southeast Asia. Between 250,000 to 500,000 children thus fall prey to blindness. Though supplements are present, scientists have also investigating various methods to grow hybrid crops like corn that has more carotenoids. These help the body produce Vitamin A internally and it’s the same with eggs.

The Effect Of Cooking

Corn And Eggs Might Help Prevent Blindness Says Study

The scientists are even trying to boost the carotenoids present in the yolks and in this particular study the researchers like Sherry A. Tanumihardjo and her team wanted to find out that if cooking affected the carotenoids at all. They conducted various experiments according to Science Daily that involved cooking eggs and corn flour using different methods. These cooked products were then studied and it was found that microwaving, pan-frying and hard-boiling eggs did not affect the carotenoids but scrambling them killed them a bit. However, most cooking methods did not affect the efficiency and so corn and eggs may be helpful in preventing blindness at an early stage. So let’s boil some eggs to perfection and get a vitamin A boost right now!