Are You As cool As Rihanna While Picking Up Groceries?

Buying groceries can one maddening and tedious errand (unless you’re an 8-year-old stuck in the candy aisle), which must me handled with utmost chill and calm. And what’s the most reliable source of chill and calm? Sweats and PJs, of course! Basically, very rarely do grocery stores see outfits fancier than jeans and a tee. Not when you’re Rihanna, though.

The singer recently posed for Paper Mag against grocery aisle backdrops. To turn the quirk up a notch, creative director and stylist Shannon Stokes and stylists Farren Fucci had RiRi don a rather out there, pop, and very space-age ensemble to complete her bold look. According to Paper Mag’s website, the team was inspired by Rihanna’s “budding acting career and chameleon-like powers of transformation to cast her as a high fashion clerk in a bodega of the future.”

Are You As cool As Rihanna While Picking Up Groceries?Image: Paper Mag

Rihanna wearing high street labels and propped in a local grocery may sound absolutely mad crazy but it’s not actually that outrageous. Or maybe it is, and that’s the whole point! Stokes said, “We thought it would be interesting to put a superstar like Rih in such an everyday surrounding.” “And Farren added the ‘future’ angle to give it a twist, so it became a challenge to envision what a girl who worked there might look like,” he added.

From striking a dapper look in front of soda refrigerators to looking like a million bucks while just casually chilling behind the till, Rih totally slays the concept of the photo shoot.

Check out more images from the shoot here.


Featured Image: Paper Mag