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Cooking your way Into a Smarter Future: This Smart Kitchen Will Blow Your Mind


We have smart phones and smart cars. Now, gear up for a smart kitchen in the near future. At the 2015 International CES show, Whirlpool presented a “kitchen of the future concept,” promoting a kitchen that has a brain almost as big as ours. Maybe bigger. The system will monitor equipment in your kitchen and sync with your mobile devices to ensure that you are having the best cooking experience possible.

It will keep tabs on your fridge and tell you when produce is about to go bad. It’ll also suggest recipes based on what you have stocked in your fridge and keep updating a virtual shopping list that’ll have you navigating supermarkets with ease. The system will watch over your stove by controlling heat levels and timers for each dish and will even detect exactly where on the stove the cooking utensil is placed, and then direct its energy there.  


If that weren’t enough, the smart kitchen taps into the social media revolution that we are currently undergoing. An interactive screen behind your stove will display recipes from any website or cookbook you choose and allows you to interact with the chef that created the recipe through video call (provided they want to talk to you). If you’re having people over for dinner the screen will adapt the recipe quantities according to the number of people you’ll be serving. Once data is entered it’ll also remind you of any allergies or favourite cuisines that your dinner guests have and suggest recipes accordingly.


Mind reeling isn’t it? Would you want a smart kitchen in your house? Watch the video below to find out more about Whirlpool’s smart kitchen.