Cooking Show Host Sudipa Chatterjee May Be Opening A New Bengali Restaurant In Mumbai Soon

Mumbai may say hello to more Bengali cuisine sometime this year, thanks to popular cookery show host Sudipa Chatterjee. Late last year, Chatterjee opened Sudipar Rannaghar, a Bengali restaurant in Kolkata which has been met with positive reviews. 

Meet Sudipa Chatterjee


Chaterjee has been hosting a popular cookery show, Sudipar Rannaghar, on Zee Bangla for several years. On the show, she invites a variety of participants to display and share their cooking skills and recipes in her studio kitchen. Alongside Chatterjee, the show also hosts celebrity guests that share their cooking secrets with the audience.

Sudipar Rannaghor

Housed near Triangular Park in Kolkata and named after her show, Sudipar Rannaghor was Chatterjee’s first restaurant venture.

The restaurant offers traditional Bengali fare, such as bhetki paturi, chingri macher malai curry, shorshe poshto chingri and bhapa ilish at fairly competitive prices.


“Very good food. Tried out this place with family. The food is delicious, a bit experimental from the traditional Bengali dining. Must try the “Gondhoraj betki” and “lebu Lanka murgi,” said Abhik Ghosh in a Zomato review.

Should Chatterjee bring her venture to Mumbai, the menu will feature similar items that will give customers a taste of Bengal. Until then, here’s a list of other restaurants in Mumbai where you can find authentic Bong fare!