Cooking for My Ki With Daawat Rice


The upcoming launch of Ki & Ka, staring Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor has Bollywood abuzz. The film, which has been directed, produced and written by R Balki focuses on challenging gender roles in Indian society; a topic which definitely deserves a spotlight.

Cooking For Your Ki With Daawat

In the spirit of challenging gender roles, popular rice brand, Daawat has launched a campaign that encourages men to cook for their ‘Ki’s; i.e, the women in their life. As a part of the campaign, men have to cook a rice dish for a special woman and take a photograph featuring the dish, the woman and the chef and upload it on Daawat’s Facebook page. Some participants will win a chance to meet the original Ki & Ka.

Cooking For My Ki

Even without the chance to meet a couple of stars, I embraced the idea of cooking for the special woman in my life. Allow me to introduce my fiancée; an incredible woman who, despite working crazy office hours, always manages to have something nourishing on the table for dinner. She saved me from my rotating diet of instant noodles and take out.

One of my favourite dishes is her chicken biryani. Being Malayali, she makes it Kerala style with lots of spices and massive chunks of juicy chicken. However she also guards her recipe fiercely. To be able to cook her biryani for her, therefore, I had to get the recipe straight from the source; my mother in law to be. After much persuasion and bribery (which included two bottles of perfume), she gave me step by step instructions to the biryani. 

Using Daawat’s biryani rice, I slaved for an hour or two and managed to produce a biryani that was perhaps half as tasty as my fiancée’s. Despite that, she relished every bite, followed up the meal with a bowl of payassam and then went off for a well deserved nap. In the time that she would have otherwise spent cooking, my fiance caught up on some TV show re-runs – she’s almost reached my fandom levels for Breaking Bad.


It was nice to know that cooking for her gave her some time to herself; perhaps I should do it more often – what say you?
Why not take a leaf from my (and Ka’s) book and try whipping up a meal for your mother or daughter or girlfriend one of these days? Aside from the inevitable brownie points and the prizes that you may win from Daawat, the gesture will make you feel lovely. I guarantee it