Cook Gourmet Food In Your Own Kitchen With Built2Cook

Ever wonder what it takes to cook that restaurant quality food that you are all too eager to spend your hard-earned money on? It requires thumbing over recipes, picking out the ingredients and making sure you have the right quantities so as not to ruin the dish with over flavouring or over cooking. What if there is an option to give you the recipe and the perfect portioned amount of ingredients, so you can cook a brilliant lunch or dinner right in the comfort of your own kitchen? This option is quite a valid one for people living in Hyderabad and Mumbai with a new food-tech startup called Built2cook. 

Built2cook is a Hyderabad based food-tech startup which will deliver restaurant quality fresh produce to your doorstep at the click of a few buttons on their website. The recipes are carefully curated from the top chefs working in 5-star hotels like Taj and ITC. Built2cooks’ promise to its customers is for them to spend less time in the kitchen for high quality food.

What is Built2cook? 

Altaf Saiyed, the owner of Built2cook, came up with the idea for the project when he was craving for good food during his many travels to other cities. The idea was further expanded taking note of the fact that a lot of people are willing to spend good amount of money to learn the art of cooking right at home. “Everyone’s a chef. They just need the urge to cook and proper instructions. Our aim is to make cooking as convenient as possible,” Altaf said. With a Masters in Business Administration from Stanford, Altaf started the process of making his dream a reality by hosting various cookouts to spread awareness of the platform in its nascent stages. 


Why choose Built2cook? 

Built2cook has the backing of chefs working in five star restaurants around the city and have carefully curated the recipes and the produce so you can replicate the same high quality dishes at home. The ingredients, initially, were sourced from places recommended by the chefs but with the hiring of a new procurement manager, Altaf says has helped in managing the inventory and reduce wastage. Talking to Yourstory, Altaf said, “We pasteurize and cool our products before packing it, this helps increase the shelf life of the product, plus it preserves freshness. The chefs are executive chefs in these hotels. They don’t charge anything from us, but they own equity in Built2cook. These chefs are a bunch of creative guys who love to craft new recipes every week.” 

The Food

Since the recipes of Indian dishes differ from region to region, Altaf notes that Indian recipes are always the hardest to keep as part of the database. “We have decided to stick to cuisines that would have one authentic recipe, which we will use. For example malabar curry, goan fish curry or bisi bele bath,” Altaf said. The menu constantly changes every two weeks, according to Altaf, and currently has dishes like masala tawa prawns, farm house salad, ginger dry chicken chilli, spaghetti all norma and New Zealand lamb chops on the menu.


Expansion Model

Since the launch of the service six months ago, Built2cook has expanded its operations in Hyderabad and launched its service in Mumbai. Built2cook currently receives over 350-400 orders from Mumbai and 125-150 orders from various parts of Hyderabad. Further expansion is already on pipeline, with Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai and Delhi-NCR as the cities being targeted for the launch of its services within the next two years.