Cook Fearlessly With Wolfgang Puck’s New MasterClass Series
January 1, 2018

Cook Fearlessly With Wolfgang Puck’s New MasterClass Series

Are you an aspiring chef? Do you need some motivation and a whole lot op tips to cook like a pro? Well, you’re in luck because celebrated chef Wolfgang Puck has joined the league of leading culinary experts to start his new MasterClass video series, which can help you become “fearless in the kitchen”.

The 16-lesson course will entail sessions about specific preparations and techniques for whipping up desserts, sides, mains, and cocktails in addition to Puck’s mustard chicken. Additionally, the chef will talk about culinary and business philosophies, “inspiring you to feel confident in the kitchen, whether you’re a home cook or restaurant chef.”


A Scrumptious Investment

Puck’s single MasterClass course, which consists of 16 lessons, will set you back by USD 90, and in addition to the lessons will provide the student with a class workbook with lesson recaps, assignments, and supplemental material, plus “office hours,” where students can upload videos to receive feedback from the class, and have select questions answered by the chef.

Meanwhile, for the more flexible and/or less thrifty learner, there is also a USD 180 option, which gives you a year round all-access pass to every MasterClass course.

So, what’s stopping you now? One of the best chefs in the world is all set to impart some legit culinary know-how, so get set cook!


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