Conor McGregor Is Launching His Own Notorious Irish Whiskey And We’re Sure It Will Be A Knockout!

The world was a buzz last month with the news of the McGregor/Mayweather fight – an MMA expert versus arguably the best boxer currently. Although McGregor lost in the 10th round, he still isn’t done swinging. McGregor is all set to add his name to a new ‘Notorious’ Irish Whiskey with the launch of his brand (aptly named) Notorious.

The “Notorious” announced that he plans to “take over the Irish whiskey market” with the Notorious-branded drink.

Speaking at the post-fight press conference, the fighter indulged in shameless publicity for his new product, saying: “Boy that whiskey tastes so good. Oh s***, keep an eye out for it.”

While there’s no word on when the whiskey will be released or who McGregor is partnering with for the spirit, there does seem to be a small controversy surrounding the name. According to the bottle shown at the presser, it’s been labelled “Notorious Irish Whisky.” However, “whisky” is Scotch, as in from Scotland while “whiskey” on the other hand, can be from Ireland or anywhere else.

Whatever the dispute may be surrounding the name, there can be no dispute that Notorious is all set to be a knockout!