These Concept McD ‘Horror’ Happy Meals Capture The Essence Of Halloween


Recently Doritos launched a range of black corn chips in Japan to commemorate the spook-laden Halloween month. And frankly, it was a refreshing change from all the pumpkin spice (no offense). Keeping the dark theme of October alive, artist Newt Clements has designed a line of spooky Happy Meal boxes.

These, of course, aren’t official and are only a concept. Although we really wish McD’s would pick it up. Defined by Eater as “terrifyingly awesome” the boxes are inspired by some of the scariest horror shows and movie out there. These include classics like The Exorcist, and American Horror Story, as well as new favourites like Netflix’s Stranger Things.thing-mis

The concept boxes, which feature signature elements on the box in print, also come with a concept toy (because, what’s Happy Meal without the toy, right?)! And these range from everything including a tiny revolver, an Exorcist Crucifix, and even a Stranger Things Demogorgon! Rad or what?

Have a look at all the boxes put together by Clement.

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Images: Eater