After Complaining To 911 About “Small Clams” A Man Has Been Arrested

In an incident that can only be described as bizarre, a man in Stuart, Florida has been arrested after repeatedly calling 911 after he tried to report a restaurant to the police. The reason? The clams he was served were ‘too small’.

Nelson Agosto, the man in question, ordered a seafood meal at Crabby’s Seafood Shack but was disappointed upon seeing the size of the clams. However, according to the incident report, an employee had mentioned to Agosto that the clams were small, but he still insisted on having the clams.

A 911 Emergency?

After receiving the meal, Agosto complained about the size of the clams. “He was complaining that the clams he was eating were so small he didn’t want to pay for them,” Sgt. Brian Bossio, police spokesman, said last week, King 5 reports.

After dealing with his complaints, the restaurant graciously offered him another, free serving of the clams but Agosto wasn’t having it, and called 911 to report them.

According to the 911 call released by the police, Agosto says “I ordered something, and it was extremely so small.” The dispatcher advised him to call the non-emergency police line – which she gave him the number for, twice. However, Nelson called twice more saying he “couldn’t get through”.

Police officers later arrested Agosto via summons on a misdemeanor charge of misusing 911, police said, “It was an arrest, but the officer did not take the guy to jail.” Especially during the holiday season, unwarranted blocking of the emergency line is certainly uncalled for, we doubt he’ll do it again.


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