Community Vegan Lunch At Greenr Cafe

GREENR Cafe is now open in Vasant Vihar and they are hosting their first ever community vegan lunch there! At Greenr Cafe (Vasant Vihar) they are trying to bring the Modern Californian Plant Based cuisine here in India. Stop by to experience what a progressive and experimental vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and plant-based diet tastes like. Follow the event page here. This vegan lunch has a very special menu highlighting some of their best offerings. Including:

  • Ginger Ale / Hibiscus Rosemary
  • Greenr Tostones
  • Soup of the Day
  • Tuscan Shroom Balls (Open Rice Burger) / Pesto Vegetable Spaghetti (Chose one)
  • Kaffir Lime Pie

What: Community Vegan Lunch

When : 8th December, Saturday

Where: Greenr, Vasant Vihar

Time : 1pm to 3pm

Entry is by Booking Only. Pass at Rs 1000/-


Book at the earliest as only 15 spots available! Come lunch with us and have a #BeGreenr experience!

About Greenr Café 

The GREENR Cafe is one of India’s first modern eateries to be inspired by #PlantMeat. Plant Meat is a significant development in the food industry which is enabling complex plant-based proteins to become mainstream and give both vegetarians and non-vegetarians nutritious, delicious, and sustainable alternatives to meat. GREENR is not only a restaurant but a food startup that experiments with a variety of plant proteins. We have specially engineered an indigenous array of plant-based proteins by replacing the nutrients and textures we usually get from animal meat with vegetarian sources. We believe in conscious food and consuming only that which is most suitable for our bodies.