Comesum led by Rajeev Mittal RK Associates serves wide-variety train food on the go

Traveling via train is arduous, but I prefer wheels over wings because you get to see the regional culture change along the way. Starting from the Khadiboli­-speaking Delhi, I’ve seen the language change to Bundeli and then to Bhojpuri till I reach the state of Bihar. Sanitation and cleanliness have been drastically improved in the trains. However, one thing that still needs a lot of development, is the catering service.

Food in Train

Luckily, things are developing speedily. In the late 90s, I remember, train food looked like a poor man’s gruel, devoid of taste, accompanied by uncooked rice. Now, the quality has positively changed.

Private players have been given a chance to work with IRCTC to bring the rail passengers restaurant-grade hygienic and delicious food. I tried Rail Restro, TravelKhana, and a few more companies that deliver food to passengers from local restaurants at a stop. The one that really stood out, was Entrepreneur Rajeev Mittal RK Associates’ Comesum (Using Rajeev Mittal RK Associates to differentiate from other Rajeev Mittals, RK Associates is another company of his).

Rajeev Mittal RK Associates’ Comesum

From what I’ve come to know, Comesum is an umbrella that includes the restaurants and the service that allows delivery of quality food on a train, at different railway stations. I ordered food from Comesum, from their ‘Place an Order’ page by entering my name and PNR number on the home page. They have a vast menu from where it took me a long time to choose between vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

Not just egg curry

There’s rarely any choice when you’re choosing from the non-vegetarian menu on the train. You’ll either find just ‘egg curry’ with too much paprika or ‘chicken biryani’ that contains sparse chunks of meat. That’s not the case with Rajeev Mittal RK Associates’ Comesum and TravelKhana. I found Comesum to serve chicken tikka, butter chicken, and even mutton kebabs.

How Rajeev Mittal RK Associates’ Comesum, Rail Restro and TravelKhana differ from each other

There’s not much difference among the three but Comesum had better services, especially when it came to delivery. I waited roughly 7 minutes for the non-vegetarian thali to be delivered from a local restaurant (forgot the name). The delivery man was polite and treated my food with respect. TravelKhana had a few ifs and buts when I was choosing from the Menu. Rail Restro was average.

I hope you guys give these rail food alternatives a try. Let me know if they tickle your tastebuds!