Colorful Churros Join The Rainbow Food Part #POLL

Food trends are as volatile as any other trend, which is a great thing because how else would we go from raindrop cake to unicorn bagel in a year? Moreover, how would we every be able to snack on a mad variety of Oreo flavours and a whole list of unicorn-themed foods? And it’s not just about the colour and/or flavour, but the kind of food that is being experimented on also changes with the season. For example, last season’s macarons are this season’s churros!

While we were still dreaming of Disneyland’s special golden churros introduced to commemorate the 50th anniversary of its Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, The Loop, an Orange-county based churro shop has already given us churro fantasies for the coming few weeks. Behold, the instagram-friendly and oh-so vibrant rainbow churro!

Will you look at that?

The limited-edition churros do not pack any special flavors as the churro makers simply sprinkle various rainbow-colored sugars onto The Loop’s classic curved (just like a rainbow <3) churro. You can down or churro plain or pair it with a cup of vanilla soft serve and topped with Fruity Pebbles or other cereal and candy toppings. Oh, dreams do come true! We can now eat sweet rainbows!

So, what do you think of these gorgeous new rainbow churros? Vote below!

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Feature Image: Wikimedia