College, Chai Tapri and the Food Memories

That ten minute break between lectures when you simply have to have a little chai at the corner tapri always had you walking in late for your next class. But, boy, didn’t you walk in with swag after that refreshing chai and noodles. And the late night snack at the tapri near your hostel when you had to pull an all nighter. The fried rice and momos at the Chinese food tapri when you missed the canteen meal (probably because you were intentionally late). Our memories of our college days are defined by food. Those who are still in college may not feel the nostalgia biting but the familiarity will strike a chord. And for those who once had frequented the chai tapris near their college, hostel, etc. tell us if we missed out on something that you feel should have been here.

1. Chai


This is how it all started.

2. Cheese toast


A little cheese to drown out the sorrows of attending boring lectures.

3. Vada pav


The fastest and freshest food when you knew you had to rush to get to that roll call.

4. Samosa


Samosa and chai when you celebrated having survived lectures for the day.

5. Dosa


Because the canteen food was too bad to eat.

6. Instant noodles


We all need a little slurpy time.

7. Cheese Instant noodles


Didn’t you know cheese makes everything better?

8. Popcorn


Because the professor let you eat in class or rather the professor asked you to go get something from his office and you’re going to take your time at this.

9. Omlette Pav


What better way to begin a morning than with chai and omelette pav.

10. Pav Bhaji


Dinner was horrible at the canteen, again.

11. Fried Rice


I want to eat Chinese food and the canteen isn’t going to make any. And, no I don’t care how they advertise their food ‘chinesh’, ‘chaineez’ is the same as ‘poh-tah-to’, ‘puh-tay-to’, right?

12. Momos


Come on, we’re talking dumplings Nepali style! Do I care that it the sauce makes my mouth burn? No.