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Cold Stone Creamery Is Offering BOGO Ice Cream For All Students This April


Exam season is definitely one of the hardest times in a student’s life (what, with all that procrastinating and binge-watching of shows) and I’m sure we can all admit to being glad that exams are finally over for most of us. Cold Stone Creamery knows just how much stress goes into exam prep so they’ve made an offer to help students cool down this summer.

If you’re a student (school or college) you can treat yourself to BOGO (buy one get one free) ice cream this April, all you’ve got to do is head to your nearest Cold Stone Creamery outlet and show them your student id. Voila! Free ice cream! You can pre-register for your BOGO ice cream here!

However, there are a few stipulations, for starters, this offer ain’t valid on delivery, so you’ve actually got to make your presence known at the store. Second, (this should really go without saying) no fake ids, please! Chill out on the Netflix and cool down at Cold Stone Creamery this month (I mean, who says no to free ice cream)?

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