Coke Paints All Their Trademark Drink Labels Red

After the announcement of launching frozen desserts in India, the famous cola brand, Coca-Cola is changing the packaging of Diet Coke and Coke Zero and giving it its trademark red one according to reports by the Economic Times. The decision has been taken by the brand’s global strategy of ‘one brand, one marketing’ that was announced the mid of last year.

Paint It Red

“The one brand strategy reinforces that Coca-Cola is one brand with different variants and all variants share the same visual iconography. The idea extends the equity of Coca-Cola brands to all its variants,” a spokesperson told the Economic Times.

The company further told the publication that it has been making the change across markets that include the US, UK, South Africa, parts of Asia and the Middle East. The fresh stock that will be seen in the retail stores in India will have the new packaging.

The brand also plans to communicate the change of packaging to consumers using various platforms. “We will leverage point-of-sale communication across retail channels to build awareness at point of purchase. Digital and social platforms will also play a critical role in our communication strategy to reach out to consumers,” the spokesperson added while talking to the publication.