Which Of These Coffee Chains Is Your Caffeine Haven? #POLL
August 10, 2017

Which Of These Coffee Chains Is Your Caffeine Haven? #POLL

If your day doesn’t kick off without a nice cup of coffee, then you’re bound to be really finicky also about how it tastes. Which invariably means that you have a favourite when it comes to your coffee shop. Every brand has a different signature, a different way of serving up their cuppa Joe. For example, Café Coffee Day doesn’t have a Frappuccino, which is okay because even Starbucks doesn’t have an Iced Eskimo or a Devil’s Own just like no one does cherry almond muffins and hot chocolates quite like Costa Coffee! You get the point.

But then a lot of us will go to the same coffee shop no matter what we need. These are the ones who are loyal to the same brand irrespective of whether they need a cold coffee, a cappuccino, a flat white, or a latte.

So which one of these is your favourite? Vote and let us know!

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