Someone Calculated How Much Coffee The Cast of FRIENDS Drank In 10 Seasons!

The internet literally never ceases to amaze me. Just remembering how far we’ve come from Janice and Chandler HH (holding hands, sigh, Friends) on a dating chat site to Tinder makes me wish for those good old days.

However, the internet does have its virtues, let’s be honest, we would have never made it through college without Google. Occasionally, it also offers up some pretty impressive tidbits of information, such as, how much coffee the main cast of Friends drank in 10 seasons of awesomeness!

Twitter user kitlovelace during a routine watching of all 236 episodes of Friends recorded (as one does) each cup of coffee that each character drank over the course of the series and posted his findings.

Princess Consuela Bananahammock, Regina Phalange (or just plain old Phoebe Buffay) leads the charge with 227 cups of coffee. Next in line is Chandler with 212 cups of coffee he did need a new addiction after he quit smoking (also, being a transpondster is hard).

Rachel Greene drinks the least amount of coffee, understandably, as she serves it for two seasons and is pregnant and nursing for two seasons.

Ross actually starts drinking more coffee when he starts dating Rachel. There is also a massive spike in his caffeine intake during Season 6. This is probably due to the stress of dating Mona and impregnating Rachel. Joey, Chandler and Monica also hit their peak during Season 5 since ‘Mondler’ started sleeping together and Joey had to cover for them (poor chap).

Kit Lovelace, using some Baker Street level of deduction, also worked out that they spent around $2,077.20 in total. Not that expensive considering it covers 10 years! If you have gleaned any other insights from the statistics let us know in the comments – us Friends fanatics can’t get enough!