Which Coffee Brand Is Your Morning Cuppa Made Of? #POLL

Coffee or tea? Coffee, please. If that’s the answer your brain gives every time, then congratulations, you’re a coffee head. And every coffee lover has a few details straightened out about their morning cuppa joe – like strength, amount of sugar, type of blend, type of brew, and so on. The beverage is an imperative part of life. Unless you are a tea drinker. Or stupid. Coffee – or just good strong caffeine in general – makes the world go round after 8 AM, so how can you not pump your veins with some freshly brewed or even some piping hot instant coffee? And if there can be options in the ‘types of coffee‘ section, then there ought to be options in brands and labels as well. Just like in the case of good ol’ tea, the market has a variety of labels for coffee drinkers too to pick from. Whether they are coffee beans, coffee pods, ground coffee, or even instant coffee, there are a number of brands out there competing amongst each other to make their way into your kitchen cabinet.

While the number of leading coffee brands may be limited to just a handful, there sure are a number of other lesser-known names that roast up a delicious batch of coffee beans or pack up a storm in the form of aromatic instant coffee grains. So, which coffee brand do you usually prefer having? Vote below and let us know! And if you’re more of a ‘takeaway’ person, vote for your favorite coffee house here.

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