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Coffee Addicts, This New Spread From Japan Is Just What You Need To Get Your Day Started


A few years ago, there was a new addition to the world of coffee – bulletproof coffee. Which was basically coffee made with a knob of butter and a dash of oil mixed together. It made waves because of the kick it gave you and the ability to keep the drinker full and content.

But now, the concept of bulletproof coffee is going up a notch thanks to a Japanese brand. Meet coffee butter.

Only available in Japan, this butter is spreadable on your bread or anything else and gives you the caffeine kick you need. Take a look at the picture and you can see that the butter looks like more of a whipped spread which makes it easy to spread on your favourite breakfast meal.


Called Snow Brand Coffee Soft, the product is looking to be launched on March 1st to celebrate the 55th anniversary of Megmilk Snow Brand’s coffee drink. As one of the largest dairy companies in Japan, the new butter has the same flavour as their classic coffee drink – Snow Brand Coffee – which is also one of the most popular beverages in the country.

According to RocketNews24, the butter will have a “sweet and mellow milky undertones” so it’ll be more buttery than it will be a caffeine hit.

The coffee butter will be available in grocery stores for 230 Yen (US $2) from next month onwards.