Cockroach Milk Is Here To Take Over The World

Yes, it’s happening. First your drain pipes and now your food pipes. Cockroaches are ready to take over everything! Cockroach milk is a thing and people might just start including it in their diets.

According to a report in Science Alert, when a female cockroach gives birth to a baby cockroach, the former secretes “a crystal-like protein substance that is quite nutrient-dense and provides a large source of energy”. This “protein substance” is specific to a certain species of cockroach that gives birth to live young.cockroach-647_071916122140

“The fact that an insect produces milk is pretty fascinating – but what fascinated researchers is the fact that a single one of these protein crystals contains more than three times the amount of energy found in an equivalent amount of buffalo milk (which is also higher in calories then dairy milk)” reports Science Alert.

Gross as it does sound, let’s not forget that we are a race eats insects and have tried almost every kind of synthetic and animal-produced milk. What’s even more interesting that scientists in India are actually backing the theory so there must be some truth to it. Or not.


Also, it’s not really milk, so for all we know it could be cockroach sweat. Blech!yuck_pirates_of_the_caribbean


Feature Image: Metro UK