Coca Cola’s New Ad Ft. Renuka Shahane & Deepika Padukone Is All About The #CokeNawaazi

Coca Cola – and infact all other major soda brands – are recognized by their iconic celebrity endorsements (despite much debate). Moreover, Coke and Pepsi are especially synonymous with star-studded commercials that usually feature more than one A-list celeb.

In one such new advertisement for Coca Cola, the cola giant has managed to rope in not just the gorgeous youth icon Deepika Padukone, but also stunning veteran Bollywood beauty Renuka Shahane, along with B-town’s new face Suraj Sharma.screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-1-31-30-am

The advertisement, which was released early this week features a guest visit gone wrong. But the visitor very conveniently doesn’t mind. “Deepika Padukone and her brother are visiting Mr. Mehra. Little do they know that after being welcomed and seated, they are in for a big surprise along with glasses of Coca-Cola!” reads the video description on YouTube.

Well, who’d say no to all that fizz and ice? Watch the entire advertisement below.


P.S. Are we the only one humming ‘Didi tera devar deewana’ after getting a glimpse of Shahane’s infectious laugh? Salman Khan would relate. Of course, he’d rather “taste the thunder”, but you what we mean!

Images: YouTube | Coca-Cola