Smaller Bottles – Coca-Cola India’s Ingenious Technique To Increase Sales


All great things come in small packages. True to this saying, Coca-Cola India unviels plans to sell as much as half the products across its portfolio in smalller packages. This move has been made to increase frequency of consumption which it hopes will spur slowing growth that has lately been stuck in low single digits. The beverage giant makes fizzy drinks Thums Up and Sprite, besides its marquee drink, and Minute Maid juices.


Apart from portion control, the other initiatives taken by this beverage giant to increase consumption include innovating on existing products that are lower in sugar content and calories per serving, and looking at offering a wider range of low sugar choices. These steps have been made in response to larger number of people choosing to live healthier lifestyles.

The Strategy

Globally, Coca-Cola has shifted its metrics from just unit case (5.5 litres) volume growth to a mix of unit case volume and revenue growth — where realisation per unit case in smaller packs is higher than in bigger packs. The company is replicating its worldwide strategy in India, too.

With this move, Coca-Cola India will be putting out mini cans (180ml) and mini bottles (200ml) extensively in the market. New statistics have showed theat the 200ml bottle is beng predominantly distributed across traditional trade, so therefore, this beverage giant has scaled down the availability of the 300ml glass bottles. Among juices too, 250ml packs are being pushed over their 400ml counterparts.


Now, more than 40% of all the company’s sales are on packs with less than 100 calories per pack.