Coca-Cola Sales In India Go Up Only By 3% During Summer

After a data analysis conducted by Nielsen revealed that juice brands are overtaking carbonated soda sales in India, Coca-Cola has posted a 3% year-on-year unit case volume growth in the April to June quarter this year.

Summer Sales


Traditionally, the April to June months are supposed to have high sales figures as consumers try to battle the summer heat with fizzy drinks. However, sales results posted have found that summer has barely made an impact on sales – experts suggest that this is due to competition from healthier drinks and a lower spending in rural areas.

An International Statement

Muhktar Kent, the Coca-Cola chairman said “: “Strong performance in some of our largest and most developed markets, including the US and Japan, was offset by difficult external conditions in many emerging and developing markets. These factors combined to put pressure on our volume and top-line performance in the quarter, especially where we own bottling businesses.”


As a result of the poor sales, Coca-Cola plants to evaluate and re-strategise its presence in the local market.