Coca-Cola Plans To Use Similar Packaging For Its Kinley And BonAqua Water Brands

In a bid to boost the popularity of its packaged water brand, BonAqua, beverage giant Coca-Cola plans to adapt the bottled water’s packaging to resemble Kinley’s packaging. Kinley is another of Coca-Cola’s bottled water brands.

The BonAqua Story

BonAqua is a global packaged water brand, available in Russia, Hong Kong, South Africa and Germany and especially popular in Spain.


Translated from French, ‘BonAqua’ means ‘good water‘, and, according to the company’s website contains ” quality minerals to give a distinguished and refreshing crispy taste idea for active people.”

BonAqua was launched in India in 2007, as a part of Coca-Cola’s strategy to tap into the growing bottled water market. According to market rumours, the launch was also a move to battle Kinley bottlers, who were refusing to sell Coca-Cola marketing and manufacturing rights for the water brand.

The Kinley Touch

However, following its launch, BonAqua failed to impress consumers. Instead, most consumers turn to familiar brands like PepsiCo’s Aquafina, Bisleri and Coca-Cola’s Kinley. For this reason, Coca-Cola decided to innovate new packaging for BonAqua that will be similar to the Kinley packaging.


The BonAqua bottles will be the same shape, have the same cap and mould as Kinley; the only difference will be in the colour of the brand’s labels. The brands will both be priced at Rs. 20 for a one litre bottle.