Coca Cola India All Set To Cut Down On The Fizz And Focus On Healthier Beverages

Coca Cola India, a company one automatically associates with fizzy drinks like Coke, Thums Up, Limca and Sprite has announced plans to widen its portfolio of non-fizzy drinks. This is to keep in line with the consumer demand for healthier beverages.

Taking Out The Fizz

“We are going to be a consumer centric beverage company. We will satisfy a consumer’s beverage needs, based on his or her preference and not based on what we want to sell,” Venkatesh Kini, president of Coca-Cola India and South West Asia,” said to the Times Of India.

So, to satisfy the consumer demand, Coca Cola will be focusing on low-sugar drinks.

Coca-Cola recently announced the launch of Zico Tender Coconut water as evidence of its shift towards non-fizzy drinks.


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