Coca-Cola India and FSSAI Team Up To Provide Open Happiness

One thing that we can all agree on, is that street food is the best solution for any occasion (read: when you’re starving and broke). Unfortunately, sometimes it’s not always the most hygienic solution to offer to your hunger pangs. Lucky for us, FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) and Coca-Cola India have got us covered! How you may ask? Well, they recently signed a memorandum of understanding to train 50,000 street food vendors over a period of three years under FSSAI’s ‘Clean Street Food’ project.
Pawan Agarwal, CEO of FSSAI and Venkatesh Kini, president of Coca-Cola India South West Asia signed the memorandum which continues on Hon’be PM Narendra Modi’s Skill India’s initiative.
This basically translates into a betterment of the street food experience which definitely is a massive win for all. While Coca-Cola will be responsible for the majority of the operational aspect, FSSAI would help in ensuring that all the training content is relevant and in overseeing the entire operation.

Hygiene awareness and the tenets of food safety would be the main topics of focus on the agenda. The training module would focus on both the owners at small food service outlets as well as street vendors – so they’ve got all the bases covered.
Coca-Cola and FSSAI plan to execute the program in phases. The lucky first location for leg one of the project is Ludhiana, Punjab which is all set to be initiated by mid-April. Over the course of the next three years, gradually, it will expand to 14 other locations courtesy of the bottling plant network of Coca-Cola India, covering a grand total of 9 states.
The next time you’re feeling the craving for street food (or your wallet is dictating terms), you can rest in the knowledge that Coca-Cola and FSSAI have got your back.