Coca-Cola Heath Beverages Soon To Be Available At Pharmacy

Coca-Cola Heath Beverages Soon To Be Available At Pharmacy

In a bid to “to keep relevance in India”, Coca Cola will soon be launching nutritional products that include electrolyte hydration drinks says a report by the Economic Times. These drinks will be sold at over the counter pharmacies.

Coca-Cola Goes Healthy

“So far we have been very active in the refreshment space; we now want to be a serious player in nutrition,” company president T Krishnakumar told the Economic Times. “We are getting into serious play. We decided we need to have serious products as well to take the company’s journey forward.” He also added that the company is doing so “to keep relevance in India”.

The Coca-Cola Company sells products like Thums Up, Minute Maid and Kinley and unlike these brands want to have a whole new distribution model for the health beverages says the report. On Thursday, the company had announced the launch of a glucose-based, ready-to-drink beverage called Aquarius Glucocharge, says the report by the Economic Times. The drink also includes fruit juice. The brand is also sprucing up Minute Maid Vitingo to focus on micronutrient deficiency and malnutrition.


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