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CNN Host Reza Aslan Dissed For Savouring Human Brains On TV (Graphic Content)


If you thought Bear Grylls was the test of your gut, think again. A new show on CNN, which is an original series produced by the network, called ‘Believer’ has had people throwing up all over their television sets and gadgets all across the world. The host with the aim of traveling the world and learning about various cultures, host Reza Aslan is ready to take up the most gross of acts. Even cannibalism.

In fact, it is a particular episode, Aslan took cannibalism to a whole other disgusting – and as some have deemed it, racist – level as he came to India to experience an “extreme Hindu sect” known as the Aghori. The Twitterverse was quick to react to this, err, rare act of not only indulging in inhuman practice but also in a way promoting the Aghori practice, which in a way the majority found disrespectful towards the Hindu belief. 

Wondering how the “delicacy” tasted like? Well, the show’s host Reza Aslan tweeted his experience saying, “Want to know what a dead guy’s brain tastes like? Charcoal. It was burnt to a crisp!


Ew. What do you think? Was this consumption of human brains racism, enlightening, entertaining, or pure disgusting,

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