CK’s Bakery Opens Its First Ever Café In Chennai At Sholinganallur

You travel through the heart of Chennai and you’re bound to spot one or two CK’s Bakery’s outlets on your way. The bright blue sign has become pretty familiar, which is quite a feat given that the bakery chain is only about three years old. A CavinKare-owned franchise, CK’s bakery has over 48 outlets to its name and has opened its first café, CK’s Bakery and Café at Sholinganallur this Independence Day.

The affordability

Quality, café-style food offered in a wide variety and being affordable at the same time is the primary agenda behind the café’s concept. Showing the people of Chennai that great food is possible and at reasonable prices, without any compromises on taste is what CK’s Bakery and Café aims for. They have a fully functional bakery section offering their famous pastries and desserts while the café’s menu takes the spotlight on our visit, for obvious reasons.

A cozy place for the people to sit and enjoy their meal, the place is decorated with minimalistic furniture and eye-catching vinyl art on the walls. Orange dominates their new logo as well as the décor and it goes well for the café theme. There’s trendy music playing while we wait for our food and it arrives promptly, after which all we cared about was the sound of our cutlery.

Fresh and flavorful

We start off with a plate of Spicy Barbeque French Fries that’s seasoned lightly but tastes great. Fries are a beauty in whichever form they are presented and this was no exception.

Our appetizer was their Fried Chicken wings in hot sauce – chicken wings fried in a tomato-based hot sauce that coats the wings thoroughly. The chicken was tender and juicy and the tanginess of the sauce was simply divine.

One of their star dishes on the menu, their Chicken Mayo Focaccia was indeed as enjoyable as it’s reputed to be. Focaccia bread that’s freshly baked to perfection with bell peppers and shallow-fried chicken strips in a creamy mayo-based sauce is an absolute must-try.

Our main course was a spicy Alfredo Pasta. Penne pasta cooked in a tomato-based red sauce with plenty of cheese, olives, and veggies was as indulgent a pasta dish as any and we found it very satisfying.

Sweet-cravings, satisfied

A signature beverage of theirs, the Popcorn shake was a unique banana and caramel-flavored milkshake that’s served with a dollop of fresh cream and topped with caramel popcorn. A delicious drink with the crunchy popcorn giving an interesting texture, the drink became a favorite with the very first sip.

How could a visit to CK’s Bakery and Café go without trying their Signature Mug Cake? A light and fluffy chocolate truffle cake that’s served with vanilla ice cream on top was, to put in one word, divine. The cake stayed warm until the last bite, giving off steam right till the end, and we loved it more just for that.

Our final dessert was their Blueberry Panna Cotta, a creamy finish to the meal. A layer of blueberry jam both at the bottom and top cuts through the sweetness with its slight sourness, thus balancing the flavors.

We could easily see CK’s Bakery and Café becoming a crowd-puller thanks to their tasty food and reasonable rates. Great food without the hassle and dazzle of overpriced dishes and stingy portions are, of course, always welcomed by us.