Did Your City Make It To The World’s Top 10 Veggie-Friendly Cities?

A lot of my friends don’t eat meat, which invariably means spending double the time to look for a good place to eat. Basically, picking place that serves more than a fancy decked-up paneer (cottage cheese) dish. And travelling oversees is a whole new terror for vegetarians. Why, you ask? First off, if you’re asking the question, you definitely haven’t felt the pain of surviving on potatoes and cheese for days!

I’m not saying all the cities are a vegetarian’s nightmare, but the fact is that non-vegetarians at times have it easier while globetrotting. Not anymore though. Travel Supermarket just made holiday planning for vegetarians a whole lot easier. The website has scoured the web to pull together a list of the world’s most veggie-friendly cities to go on holiday to. Right from Berlin to Portland to Chiang Mai, they’ve listed all that non-meat eaters need to know while making their itinerary.

Travel Supermarket says, “Portland’s the place to be if you’re looking for the highest number of vegetarian establishments per capita. Whilst Chiang Mai should be your next port of call if you’re looking to find the best reviewed restaurants.

“These stats were determined by looking at hundreds of customer reviews and curated lists, with special thanks to Berlin’s Cookies Cream and Michael Daniel (owner of The Gate) for insider information.”

The team has put together all the numbers and info in an interesting infographic. Have a look and find out whether your city’s on the list!
Did Your City Make It To The World's Top 10 Veggie-Friendly Cities?
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