Chuck E. Cheese Just Made Parenting More Enjoyable

As kids we looked for reasons to land up at Chuck E. Cheese and as peace loving humans our parents wanted one to talk themselves out of the scene. Neither one being at fault of course.

According to the company, the average kids wants to visit the place once a month unlike the parent who’d rather pay a visit to the entertainment chain only thrice a year.Chuck_E._Cheese's_2012_logo


Future of parenting is here

But with a revamped set of drink options for the millennial parents, Chuck E. Cheese might just have won over it’s target client’s guardian. More so the moms.

So keeping in mind the young mothers (dads are welcome too though), the kids’ restaurant has added beer and wine to its menu. In addition to the alcoholic beverages, Chuck E. Cheese added a few gluten free options, burgers, wraps and churros along with an option of coffees.family_eating_pizza


More in store

The company also has proposals to expand its alcohol menu. It presently serves Miller Lite and Miller Genuine Draft, as well as blush and Chablis.

Chuck E. Cheese can now happily change there tagline from “Where A Kid Can Be” to “Where Parents Too Can Happily Be”!wine


Have a look at Chucky Cheese’s Moms TV commercial aired recently that pays special heed to the mums’ needs.