Christmas May Come Early With Taco Bell’s Cheetos Burritos!

Do you like Cheetos? Do you like burritos? Do you like Taco Bell? If you’re nodding your head like a crazy bobble-head then Taco Bell might just have some great news for you!

The fast food chain recently announced that starting next month (August), it’ll be testing a new variety of burritos – Cheetos Burritos! These new class of wraps will contain the crunchy snack, seasoned meat, rice and some gooey cheese sauce. *Drools*

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 2.06.47 AMImage: Foodbeast

Earlier this year Cheetos tied up with Burger King for a zest new dish called the Mac n’ Cheetos. And while that got a rather lukewarm response, we’re hoping the Cheetos Burrito will be zestier and yummier!

These godly burritos are expected to be up for grabs for just $1. And although, this is just a trial run, we’re already wishing that it makes it to Taco Bell menu!

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