Chrissy Teigen’s Baby Shower Food Is What High School Sleepovers Are Made Of

It is not unknown that cookbook author and scalloped potato expert, Chrissy Teigen is expecting her second child with husband John Legend. However, what not many would know is the close-knit friendship the Tiegen-Legend and Kardashian-West family enjoys. Which is probably why reality star and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian was trusted with the mammoth task of deciding the menu for Tiegen’s baby shower.

Now, given Kardashian-West’s deep-rooted belief in eating clean and staying away from unhealthy grubs, it came as a massive surprise that guests at the baby shower were greeted by a simple yet sumptuous Shake Shack spread. Yep, nothing fancy and elaborate, just an evening of close friends and lots of burgers and shakes. Isn’t that the best combination ever? Moreover, isn’t greasy comfort food the best way to celebrate just about anything?

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The gathering wasn’t just treated with the Shake Shack spread, as the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star – and probably a bunch of other guests – had also arranged for a bunch of baked and fondant-covered desserts (read, caked) including an adorable blue two-tiered cake that featured a pudgy fondant elephant and read “you’re a legend”. Another, rather classic and simple, cake carried the word “legendary” written in icing across it, while another read “A Legend in the making” iced over it.

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In a statement made last July, Tiegen had revealed her wishes of mothering a large family. “I cannot wait to have the biggest family,” the 32-year-old mom-of-one said. Legen & Teigen already have a two-year-old daughter, Luna, and during another interview last year, the former American model said that she and her husband might have another child through IVF.

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