Chris Pratt’s Confession From His Waiter Days Is Going To Surprise You!

A huge chunk of Hollywood celebrities had their fair share of struggling days during which a lot of them paid their dues working in the restaurant industry. One such (now) popular actor who waited tables during his not-so-popular days is Jurassic World actor Chris Pratt.

In a recent interview, Pratt admitted to indulging in some major food server crime, and by the sounds of it, you’d want to check twice before accepting a plate of food from the Parks and Rec star. “I was a major contributing factor to how terrible this restaurant was,” he said in an appearance on The Graham Norton Show.

chris-pratt-e1422428534712Image: Forbes

The actor went on to describe the degree of this “crime”, and although unprofessional, it is hilarious! Pratt disclosed that as a penniless aspiring actor, he advised one customer to order a giant 32-ounce Porterhouse, hoping he would be able to eat the leftovers (gross!). But then somehow, seriously this is insane; somehow the actor managed to lie to the said customer about Dumpster-diving, begged the kitchen to cook up a brand new steak, and even landed a massive tip in the end.

Well it sure looks like Pratt was an actor before he even became Andy on Parks and Recreation! Watch the full interview below.

Chris Pratt Ate Off People's Plates As A Waiter – The Graham Norton Show


Feature Image: The Talks


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