Chris Pratt Fails At Failing With This Donald Duck Pancake

The idea of an absolute stud muffin like Chris Pratt tossing breakfast pancakes for his 4-year-old son Jack is downright ‘aww’ inducing. Only that the Guardians of the Galaxy star failed at making the pancake look like Donald Duck. And while Chris argues that it looks exactly like Donald Duck, his son believes otherwise.

In a short video the actor shared on his Instagram, here’s how the father-son conversation went:

“Jack, what do you think of your Donald Duck pancake?”

“It doesn’t look like Donald Duck…” Jack shoots back. ” Daddy, look at it.”

“What do you mean? It looks exactly like Donald Duck.”

“No! He doesn’t have a tail,” Jack replies.

In all fairness (and this has nothing to do with Chris Pratt’s smoldering eyes that could melt rocks), the pancake does seem to have a sort of beak and two strawberry eyeballs, even though it is missing a tail.


“Regardless, Chris continued to dad”.