Chris Pratt Demonstrates How NOT To Fillet A Fish


Chris Pratt may be a lot of great and amazing things, but a fishmonger or even a butcher is definitely not on his list of talents. Even though he has served his time as a restaurant server. Basically, he’s the Gordon Ramsay of milkmen. In a recent video shoot titled ‘How To Fillet A Fish With Chris Pratt’, shot for Vanity Fair, the Jurassic Park and Parks and Recreation actor was seen at a fishing sight doing something that no one should ever do. At least not like the way Pratt did it!

Set by a gorgeous lakeside backdrop, the Guardians of the Galaxy crusader took his J. Marttiini Fillet Knife and straight up jammed it in the sea bass in the name of “cutting it up”. And even though he said “fish hand”, a.k.a. pectoral fins – it did look like random jam into the fish’s head. Pratt goes on to somewhat debone the fish, accidentally even splitting open the sea bass’s gut (UGH.).screen-shot-2017-01-06-at-2-29-33-am


He then went on to toss the ragged remains of the fish back into the water, while the meat got room in a piping hot metal bucket – albeit after Pratt took a good whiff of the dead, poorly butchered fish meat – that had been sitting out for hours and had an apparent surface temperature of 200 degrees!

Basically, the actor should never even think of foraying into the fishing – or for that matter culinary – industry unless he takes some crash courses in both the subjects. Darn, we never thought Pratt could outdo his horrific Donald Duck pancakes, but guess we were majorly wrong!


Watch his struggles with the jamming knife and his ‘catch in the video below. 


Feature Image: Vanity Fair