How About Chowing Down On Some Spicy Nacho Cheese Wedges At McDonald’s UK?


Want to go Mexican at McDonald’s? As a part of their Great Tastes of the World promotion, McDonald’s in the UK are serving up spicy nacho cheese wedges.

Going Loco For Nachos

These treats are made with nacho style cheddar cheese and jalapeno bits which are then covered with crushed tortilla chips. They’re served with a side of sour cream and chive dip to give you that added calorie edge.


The limited edition Nacho Cheese Wedges will set you back 1.69 pounds for four.

Great Tastes Of The World is an ongoing campaign from MCDonald’s UK which features global flavours. Included on the promotion menu is The South African stack with Smoky BBQ sauce and the Swiss Stack with Emmental Cheese Sauce.