A Chocolate & Wine Lover, Here’s How Tracy Anderson Stays In Shape


The powerhouse of health and fitness, Tracy Anderson recently launched her line of organic protein bars and shakes, reveals her eating habits. The 41-year old, mother of two maintains a physique that could put a 17-year old to shame. Her workout regime is not alien to anyone but here’s what she eats.



Anderson usually kicks off her day with organic coffee made with organic steamed whole milk that she gets from z market near her house in Sag Harbor. She follows it up with a healthy protein shake or a pouch of Peter Rabbit’s pureed apple-and-grape after she drops off her off springs at school.

“I just think pureed fruit has its benefits. It’s good fuel for a hard workout, and, in the morning, it’s nice to just ease your digestive system into work”, she says.6ef35e67326196acc91f83662ea53a52




Following a 90-minute workout, Tracy has her lunch. Like her other meals this too is loaded with healthy veggies and lean meats but unlike her others, this one is the most elaborate of them all.

“I love Fritos, but I haven’t eaten an actual Frito in years. Bearitos are my organic imitation.”

An ardent chocolate lover, the fitness expert punctuates her dinner and lunch with half a bar of Blanxart Chocolate con Leche.chocolate-con-leche-blanxart-tienda-gourmet



Dinner sees a lighter spread, which usually comprises of grilled fish and steamed vegetables. “If I have a lighter lunch, I’ll have French fries with the fish. I try not to eat red meat, because when an animal’s trapped it produces stress hormones, so you’re literally eating their stress.”

Owing to her love for wines, Anderson teams her dinner with a glass or two – not more than two – of wine. The fitness expert admits to having a soft corner for whites. “Lately I’ve been more into whites. I had this biodynamic organic red recently and it made me super nauseous, and I haven’t been able to have red wine since. I’ll do rosé, too, but it’s got to be Domaines Ott.”9801yz-5248


There you have it, Tracy Anderson’s secret food mantras.