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Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheerios Are Now A Delicious Thing!


In all the fuss over the new pumpkin spice everything (literally) we almost missed the news that Cheerios are dropping a chocolate peanut butter flavour! So, if you’re a serial cereal lover with a love of PB and chocolate then today really is your lucky day!

PopSugar reports that candyhunting on Instagram, broke the exciting news and we can’t wait to see just what this delicious new cereal is going to taste like! While we don’t have much more information other than the news that this new flavour is going to break, that won’t stop us from getting excited (even though we don’t have Cheerios in India).

So, stay tuned at your supermarket to check out when this yummy new flavour drops! And, maybe, be a dear and ship a few boxes to us here in India (we like PB, chocolate and cereal too)!

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