Chocolate Idlis, Paneer-Stuffed Idlis & More At Idliiies

If you’ve been living in South India for a while then you’ll know how much we love our idlis! Breakfast, lunch or tea, there isn’t a better option than the idli! Bathed in sambar or just plain with chutney, the idli is a versatile dish and Idliiis in Jayanagar is showing us just how versatile it can be.

Their menu ranges from chocolate idlis to paneer-stuffed idlis to jaggery all at super reasonable prices! An idli will only set you back by around Rs. 20 so you can sample a wide variety of delicious idlis. While it started as a way to provide a healthy way to snack, we’re grateful for the vast array of idlis which ensure that there is something for everyone!

While Jayanagar may be a ways away we’re hoping that Idliiies will open up a few more outlets closer to town so we all can feast on some aloo stuffed idlis whenever we desire!


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