June 1, 2018
Sharmili Namadevan (84 articles)

Chocolate Cupcake – A Chocolatey Indulgence

All of us love to indulge in a divine chocolate dish once in a while, with no concern for the calories, as we should. Cupcakes are everyone’s favorite, especially when they come with a generous topping of deliciously creamy frosting. This chocolate cupcake recipe is sure to satisfy all your chocolate cravings. It is soft and spongy and the dark chocolate frosting is as decadent as it can get. It is easy to make and serves as the perfect tea-time snack. You can also go crazy with the decorations, making it a fun thing to do with your kids. Try this right away and turn your day into a super-chocolatey celebration!

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Sharmili Namadevan

Sharmili Namadevan

A simple woman who believes that words have the potential to change the world, she is a foodie at heart with a passion for literature, psychology and all things Harry Potter.


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