Chocolate Covered Strawberry Kit Kats Are Coming To America

Japan certainly has the monopoly on intriguing Kit Kat flavors (we’re not quite sure why). However, Hershey’s flavors of America range is certainly delivering some winners. Not only have they released a coconut and pineapple Kisses flavor but now they’re introducing chocolate covered Strawberry Kit Kats as the California inspired flavor.

Unlike last summer’s strawberry Kit Kat release, that featured strawberry-flavored white chocolate surrounding crispy wafers and strawberry crème, the new one has milk chocolate on the outside instead. The new flavor is already on sale at CVS stores right now, according to Candy Hunting.

But that’s not all. In early March, Forbes reported that Hershey recently broke ground on a $60 million expansion of its manufacturing plant in Hazelton, Pennsylvania and plans on dedicating the entire space to producing Kit Kats to make it their “next $1 billion global brand.” So, expect exciting things from Kit Kat in the future.