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Chocolate Chip Cookies Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe


This is something of a cheat, but it’s also the perfect cheat day snack. It’s a combination of everyone’s two favourite things, so you really can’t go that wrong. The more complicated and long-winded way is obviously to make everything from scratch – which is definitely something we support without a doubt – but if you’ve got the elements at home, then why worry? Given that summer is finally starting to set in and the days are getting warmer and the nights a little uncomfortable, this is the perfect treat to cool yourself from the inside out. Turning up the A/C and sitting under the fan, wearing light clothes and avoiding jeans is great and all, but sometimes you need to do a little something more to make everything a little cooler.

You can buy ice cream sandwiches everywhere these days, but why venture out when you can do in the comfort of your own home? And seriously, all you need is three ingredients to complete this.

1. Cookies of your choice. We picked chocolate chip cookies because obviously, they are the best. But if that’s not your favourite kind, you can always pick something else.
2. Ice cream! Again, the flavour is up to you. Make sure that it’s something that goes well with the cookie you’ve chosen. If you’re feeling adventurous, this is when you can switch things up.
3. Melted chocolate or chocolate sauce. It’s just to top off the cookie ice cream sandwich.