The Chizza, KFC’s Fried Chicken Pizza Is Now Available In Singapore

Two years ago, KFC Philippines introduced something absolutely revolutionary that it made us all wonder why we’d never thought of something like that before. The Chizza was basically a large piece of fried chicken topped with everything that a pizza should have – like pepperoni and mushrooms and the works – then it was baked and served to customers.

KFC lovers and fans everywhere started cheering and demanding that this fantastic creation be brought to their country as soon as possible. And in the last two years, they’ve racked up quite the fanbase. So now thanks to this popularity, KFC has brought the Chizza to Singapore.

They even released a video to go with this launch, resembling a recipe video that most food brands (including us) use to show how to make a popular and delicious dish.

As for whether or not this Chizza is going to show up in other parts of the world is still a mystery, but that doesn’t mean we’ve lost hope, because everybody needs a little Chizza in their lives after all.