Chips Ahoy Will Make You Fall In Love With The Cocoa Again

With the holiday season comes many great surprises, and tasty ones at that. Not only did Hersheys just release an all new mega sized chocolate called Kiss Deluxe. Now, Nabisco is making news too. Nabisco’s most loved Chips Ahoy cookies have come up with a new flavour, and of course it’s limited edition. The flavour is hot cocoa and reviewers online have described these cookies as soft and also loving the filling on the inside, which is a cocoa center, and the rest of the cookie having tasty marshmallows and chocolate chips in the dough for an added special feeling. 


Apparently, these cookies are set to be released only by Monday, Nov 2, but some lucky shoppers have already spotted them on shelves at Walmart stores and grabbed them right away to take home and enjoy. The cookie company, Nabisco, suggests reheating the cookies for around 7 seconds in a microwave to have the real hot cocoa effect. Must taste like a dream, right? 

Watch some lucky people review the cookies here: