Chipotle just sent Kylie Jenner a Guacamole flavoured Lip-Kit
September 11, 2018
Ishita Khanna (338 articles)

Chipotle just sent Kylie Jenner a Guacamole flavoured Lip-Kit

Well, we know that Kylie Jenner is obsessed with a lot of things especially her cars and her shoes but we truly didn’t expect her to be that Kylie Jenner was Chipotle-Obsessed! Chipotle just went out of their way to send the lip-kit queen their own twist on the product – Some “Lip Guac” in a specially curated Chipotle box.

“A lip kit fit for a Chipotle-loving queen” was mentioned on the box. Kylie, who clearly loved the gift, captioned her above Instagram story “lol thank you @chipotle I love it!!” We sure are super curious to know about what it tastes like.

Kylie lip kits took the internet by storm when they released in November 2015 and they have been one of the top-rated lipsticks ever since. Although we don’t think Kylie would incorporate a food flavour into her cosmetics line any soon we sure would be super excited if that happened.

Most importantly do you think little Stormi Jenner approves of this flavour? Tell us if you would try out this Guacamole flavoured lip-kit in the comments below!


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