Chipotle Customer Wants Free Burritos Even After E.Coli Infection

Picture this, you went to an eatery and their food gave you a terrible infection. So terrible that you had to spend thousand of dollars (~ lakhs of rupees) in medical bills. Would you want to eat there ever again? No, right? But this over-the-top loyal Chipotle customer thinks a bit different.

After last year’s massive E.Coli outbreak across Chipotle Mexican Grill outlets, the chain lost a lot of customers. But there is still one person who has come back for more. A Chipotle customer who was struck by the E. coli outbreak last year asked for some “free burritos” as part of her legal settlement with the fast food chain.Featured image chipotle

Chipotle was more than happy to heed to the agreement and sent the customer “a couple dozen” coupons for free burritos, according to her lawyer. Though the overall settlement is still being worked out – the woman’s medical bills from the infection total about $40,000 – she still wants all the free Chipotle burritos.

“I’ve been doing food poisoning cases since 1993,” her lawyer said, according to NBC News. “I have never had a client ask for that.” That’s some major brand loyalty right there, Chipotle!

Feature Image: Seventeen