Chipotle Is Asking Their Suppliers For More Ethically Reared Chicken

Chipotle Mexican Grill, a chain of QSR restaurants across the US has announced that it will be asking its suppliers to provide chickens which have been raised ethically. This comes after several other QSR restaurant chains including McDonald’s and Burger King have taken steps to change the chicken they serve their customers.

Chipotle’s Chicken

Chipotle uses approximately 140 million pounds of chicken per year; customers can chose to include chicken in their burritos, their tacos, the Chipotle bowls and its salads.


Until now, Chipotle gets its chicken from broiler chickens, which are specially bred to grow large with less feed. Animal rights activists have long been campaigning against the broiler chicken practice, saying that the chickens’ rapid growth leads to a host of problems such as a decreased immunity and cardiovascular conditions.

Addressing Concerns

As a response, Chipotle issued a statement saying that they will require their suppliers to meet chicken rearing practices set by the Global Animal Partnership. These practices allowing the chickens more space and improving the lighting and litter in chicken enclosures.

Chipotle estimates that these changes will be fully implemented by 2024.


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